Reflection questions for your blog posts

1.    What has been the most effective use of your time? What is the least effective?

2.    What did you learn during research this week that was interesting but not directly related to your topic?

3.    Have you done anything new or beyond your comfort zone yet? If yes, what was it? How did it feel? If no, why not?

4.    What is the most challenging part of this project for you?

5.    What are the strategies, skills and procedures you are using for this assignment? Are they effective?

6.    Do you see any patterns in how you approach your work – such as following an outline, keeping to deadlines?

7.    What gets in the way of your research or learning?

8.    How can you best use your strengths to improve?

9.    What steps should you take or resources should you use to meet your challenges?

10. How can you adapt this content or the skills you are learning to make a difference in my life?

11. In what area do you feel you have made your biggest improvements so far?

Customize your blog site

Here are some things you can do that allow you to personalize your blog:

A. Customize your theme

B. Turn on Plugins 

Plugins add features that you can use. Instructions to turn on plugins can be found here. We suggest you turn on the following plugins:

  • Compfight Safe Images: search for images to add to your posts that are creative commons copyrighted (safe to use). They are added to your post with attribution to their owners. Read more here to find out how to use Compfight.
  • Supreme Google Webfonts: allows you to change your font style andsize in your posts. Once you turn it on, you will be able to choose the font family and font size when writing blog posts and pages.
  • Image Widget: Makes it easy to add images and badges to your sidebar. After activating, look for the Image Widget under Appearance > Widgets

C. Customize your widgets

Widgets are the webparts that are part of your side bars. You can learn about widgets in the video below.